3 Reasons You Should Invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions Franchise

With two dynamic businesses wrapped into one, entrepreneurs can thrive in the booming valet trash and junk hauling industries

Accelerated Waste Solutions, the rising star of the valet trash and junk hauling industries, is ready for the national spotlight. After spending the past 10 years proving that the business model has both unlimited profit potential and is quick to scale, AWS is now franchising for the first time to help more entrepreneurs get in on the action.

One of the reasons to franchise with AWS is because we are two complementary businesses wrapped into one. By focusing on valet trash removal for apartment complexes, and junk removal, we get to own both ends of the spectrum for property managers who need a solution for what to do with trash in their complexes.

The results have been phenomenal. In 2020, AWS will serve more than 10,000 apartment complexes in over 20 states. Now that we?re franchising, we?re excited to be in a position to share our success with entrepreneurs as we help them become the go-to resource for valet trash and junk services solutions in their communities.

?Now is the best time to invest in an AWS franchise,? says Fred Tomlin, CEO and co-founder of AWS. ?The services that we provide are a win-win-win: for us, the renters, and property management companies. Property managers get to offer a service that residents have come to expect, while growing their net operating income at the same time. Over the past decade in business, we?ve proven that this is a great business to be in. It’s simple to run, quick to scale, and the recurring revenue streams means that it has the potential for long-term growth. We cannot wait for entrepreneurs to join our franchise family as we become the premier valet trash services franchise in the nation.?

Here are the top three reasons to invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise.

Valet trash is a win-win-win

Owning a valet trash business is a great way to solve a problem that property managers have to deal with on a daily basis: what to do with their residents? trash. Rather than make them haul their trash to the dumpster on the premises, causing stinky spills and litter, AWS can pick up residents? trash right on their doorstep. The best part? The property owners don?t have to pay for the service, as they pass the costs along to their residents in their lease agreements. The residents love it, as it makes their lives easier and provides one less thing to stress about. It?s for this reason that apartment complexes are being built with valet trash in mind, as residents now expect the service. For our franchise owners, this means that valet trash is an easy service to sell, easy to implement and because our contracts are long-term, they have recurring revenue coming for several years. It?s a win-win-win.

?Millions of people across the nation experience doorstep trash collection every single night,? Tomlin says. ?The people who don?t have it yet just don?t know what they?re missing out on. The service is a win-win for renters and property managers. Property management companies get to have one of the number-one service amenities for apartment complex rentals in the country, as well as grow their net operating income for implementing the services.?

Junk hauling is big business

Junk Shot, our junk removal business, is the perfect compliment to our valet trash services. Every apartment complex has a dumpster, and property managers hire companies to haul the trash out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This means that we get to provide soup-to-nuts to trash services for property managers, and we make it incredibly easy for them to use us. Our Junk Shot app, the only bulk/junk removal smartphone application available in the United States, provides immediate trust for our customers:

  • A quote before we arrive on the premises
  • GPS-date/time stamped before & after photos
  • Arrival & departure times of bulk/junk removal services

And because our trucks are much larger than the industry standard, we are able to earn more with every load, as we charge by weight and not by the truckful.

?The Junk Shot business can be a significant source of revenue for our franchise owners,? says Sherrod Hunter, COO and co-founder of AWS. ?This is a service that property managers are going to need again and again, and because our service offering is better than our competitors, it gets very sticky. Property managers don?t want to waste time dealing with many companies when they can deal with one that they know does what they say they?re going to do. We?ve been successful in every market we?ve expanded into, and now we?re in 20 states. We know from experience that the demand is there and that you can build a great business with junk removal.?

You Don?t Need Experience to Franchise with Us

We know that you probably don?t experience picking up anyone else?s trash but your own ? and that?s OK. When we started this business 10 years ago, we didn?t either. We?ve spent the past 10 years designing a business model that is simple to operate and quick to scale, and one that allows you to focus on building relationships with key players in your community and driving sales. Most importantly, we have developed a support infrastructure that will help you thrive in business.

Everyone at the home office is deeply experienced in all aspects of the business, from marketing, training, hiring the right employees, building relationships with property management companies, and more ? and now all of these passionate minds will be working on your behalf to help you grow your business.

?The people in our organization are some of the most passionate, intelligent and thoughtful people I?ve ever come across,? Tomlin says. ?They?re a big part of the reason why our brand has grown over the past 10 years, and they will be a tremendous asset to our franchise owners. Everyone here knows that they?re working for something bigger than themselves, and we want our franchise owners to share in that feeling. This is an incredible brand to be a part of, and we?re ready for explosive growth in the years to come.?

Ready to Open an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise?

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