Your Franchise Journey Begins: Two Brands, One Thrilling Adventure

Embarking on the journey to become your own boss and achieve the freedom you desire is an exciting prospect. For many, this path begins with a franchise opportunity. Accelerated Waste Solutions (AWS) had humble beginnings in 2008, starting with the pickup of garbage using pickup trucks. We made this leap from the corporate world after realizing that business owners we visited were living large, while we were employees, working hard for a paycheck. With determination and resilience, we built our business, establishing a proven and stable model that allowed us to expand into other territories. After 13 years of trial and error, we decided to venture into franchising. 


Before venturing into franchising, we expanded our services to include not only valet trash but also junk removal services for apartment complexes, making us the preferred choice among apartment complexes nationwide. At AWS, we proudly call ourselves the trash experts. What makes AWS unique is that we offer two distinct brands, and what sets us apart is our unwavering support, empathy, and the potential for personal and professional growth we provide. In other words, we CARE. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to explore AWS and how it can offer you the freedom you’ve been seeking. 

Self-Reflection and Aspiration 

Before you dive into the world of franchises, take a moment for self-reflection. Consider your dreams, strengths, resources, and aspirations. AWS doesn’t just offer franchises; it provides a platform for personal growth and freedom. Think about the life you want to lead and how AWS can help you achieve it. Your primary role will be building relationships across your territory, while we assist you in hiring personnel, providing financial coaching, managing customer service, providing marketing resources, and addressing legal topics related to trash collection. 

Understanding the Support System

One of the most incredible aspects of AWS is the support system in place. It’s not merely about owning a business; it’s about having a team that empathizes with your journey. You’ll receive guidance, mentorship, and access to resources to help you navigate the path to success. 

Connecting with Fellow Franchisees 

One of the greatest advantages of a franchise is the community of like-minded individuals. When you explore AWS, you’re not just investing in a business; you’re joining a network of people who understand your challenges and dreams. You’ll find support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging. 

Financial Considerations 

Owning a franchise is an investment, and AWS ensures you have the freedom to choose without depleting your finances. You receive two brands for one investment, granting you financial flexibility as you pursue your dreams. Additionally, we collaborate closely with institutions that provide financial opportunities to candidates who meet their criteria, including a minimum investment, net worth, and a good credit history to ensure qualification.

Legal and Ethical Compliance 

At AWS, adherence to laws and regulations is paramount. This ensures that your journey is built on a solid foundation of ethics, contributing to your freedom and peace of mind. 



The path to entrepreneurial freedom is a personal and transformative journey. Accelerated Waste Solutions understands that it’s not just about owning a business; it’s about achieving your dreams. With a unique opportunity to own two brands, a supportive community, and the potential for personal growth, AWS offers more than just a franchise – it offers you a life of freedom and fulfillment.