Earn Instant, Contractual, Recurring Revenue with Valet Trash Contracts

When you invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise, you are investing in TWO amazing businesses packed into one. Doorstep Details Valet Trash provides condos and apartment complexes with affordable, 5-night-a-week valet trash services, and Junk Shot App is the nation’s ONLY junk removal app, making it easier than ever for our customers to get rid of their unwanted waste.

When our franchisees sign a Doorstep Details Valet Trash contract, they are acquiring a steady stream of recurring revenue, while making the lives of apartment and condo residents so much easier! Full-service trash removal is one of the most requested amenities for apartment residents in today’s world, yet only 1.5 million of the 20 million U.S. apartment complexes offer this service to their residents. When you invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise, you can provide this service, making residents’ lives easier, and earning a profit.

Valet trash contracts typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, meaning you get a steady stream of income with every new valet trash contract signed. Even better, our existing valet trash contracts are available for our franchisees to acquire! Currently, Accelerated Waste Solutions has valet trash contracts available in 22 states for our franchisees to acquire and earn instant, contractual, recurring revenue.

As an added bonus, the valet trash contracts that are available for Accelerated Waste Solutions franchisees to acquire are extremely likely to become Junk Shot App Junk Removal customers as well. This means that franchisees could earn even MORE REVENUE when their valet trash clients become bulk junk removal clients, too! 

Now is the time to invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise. When you invest, you can acquire EXISTING valet trash contracts – that means quick, recurring income for your business, which you can build on with Junk Shot App junk removal services for even BIGGER income! Learn about investing in your own Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise today!