Richmond, VA Franchisee Creates Recurring Revenue

When you join the Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise, you gain access to TWO amazing businesses packed into one. That means more business opportunities, more revenue, and greater profits.

Our franchisees Andrea and Leighton Fuller of Richmond, VA know exactly what generating revenue with Accelerated Waste Solutions feels like. Recently, Andrea, Leighton, and their team secured a 3-year Doorstep Details Valet Trash contact with Hillard Road Apartments in Richmond, VA. Hillard Road Apartments is a Landmark Management Community, and securing this one contract sale, means Andrea and Leighton have monthly recurring revenue for years to come.

In addition to the recurring revenue stream offered by Doorstep Details Valet Trash, Accelerated Waste Solutions franchisees also operate their own Junk Shot – Junk Removal business, which offers junk removal for the community, contributing further to the franchisee income.

Accelerated Waste Solutions is the #1 Franchise System for the Apartment Industry. AWS Franchisees make landlord-like monthly income, without real estate risks.

Congratulations to Andrea and Leighton Fuller in Richmond, VA for securing such an amazing contract! We are happy to call you a part of the Accelerated Waste Solutions team!