Own a Junk Removal & a Valet Trash Business for the Price of 1

Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise is two recession resistant, in demand businesses wrapped up in one

Why own sought after, in demand business when you can own two at the same time – and for the same price? This is what makes Accelerated Waste Solutions, the rising star of the valet trash and junk removal industries, such a compelling investment opportunity.

By offering both valet trash and junk removal services, our franchise owners are able to own two complementary businesses that are built on recurring revenue and long-term, sticky contracts with property managers who need our services.

Already serving more than 10,000 apartment complexes throughout 20 states, AWS makes it easy for property managers to hire us. Valet trash is a popular amenity for apartment tenants, and modern apartment complexes are being built for this service in mind. It makes sense. Valet trash services help keep complexes safer, cleaner, and provides a necessary convenience for the tenants. Property owners don?t have to pay for the services either, they simply pass on the expense to the tenants and benefit from the additional revenue stream.

And by providing junk removal, AWS takes the entire trash problem out of the property managers? hands. They only have to work with one company for both trash pickup and the removal of the trash from their property.?

Junk removal franchise owners holding app on phone in front of junk shot truck

?Now is the best time to invest in an AWS franchise,? says Fred Tomlin, CEO and co-founder of AWS. ?The services that we provide are a win-win-win: for us, the renters, and property management companies. Property managers get to offer a service that residents have come to expect, while growing their net operating income at the same time. Over the last decade in business, we?ve proven that this is a great business to be in. It?s simple to run, quick to scale, and the recurring revenue streams means that it has the potential for long-term growth. We cannot wait for entrepreneurs to join our franchise family as we become the premier valet trash services franchise in the nation.?

AWS valet trash and junk hauling franchise is affordable to own

Owning two businesses doesn?t mean that it?s more expensive to invest. On the contrary, AWS believes that more entrepreneurs should go into business for themselves, and this commitment is reflected in our low costs of ownership.

The total cost to franchise with Accelerated Waste Solutions ranges from $134,054 to $273,700. This cost includes both the Doorstep Details and Junk Shot businesses, and covers the entire cost of equipment, use of our proprietary technology, patented apps, franchise support and more. AWS offers generous territories of up to 250,000 people or 7,000 apartment complexes to ensure that you have the population necessary to own a thriving valet trash and junk hauling business.

?We?re in business to help entrepreneurs take what we?ve created and thrive as business owners,? Tomlin says. ?We?ve done the work in terms of proving this model, creating the systems and processes, and investing in the support infrastructure ? and now our franchise owners will get to take what we?ve made and build a brighter future for themselves. We?ve made the mistakes so you don?t have to. This business changed our lives for the better, and now we can?t wait to help more entrepreneurs change their lives, too. We?re excited to rapidly grow across the United States as we become the premier brand for valet trash and junk removal going forward!?


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